SENGDEK® Pu Panel is a composite panel. Polyurethane (PU) has been applied on the pu panel, making it an effective sound proof and heat insulating product. It looks elegant, durable and tough with resistance against corrosion and perform colour stability. It can be built and installed as exterior ceiling panel, or even as interior building part, such as ceiling or used as wall panel.

SENGDEK® Pu Panel Embossed Bark is the latest breakthrough in product development with industrial patent. The ceiling is applied with polyurethane (PU) for effective sound proof and heat insulation. Different design of embossing can be done on the panel beside the bark surface.

SENGDEK® Pu Panel Embossed Bark is suitable to be used on surrounding walls, interior and exterior. It is unique choice for those who want to differentiate from others.