SENGDEK Roof Truss System
SENGDEK Roof Truss System is engineered to suit almost any roof design. It is manufactured from structure grade galvanized steel with cold-rolling process. It provides builders with a high quality, strong, dimensionally stable and light steel section which is ideal for roofing applications. Its unique configuration delivers superior strength, stiffness and increased load capacity, and produces significant economies in both design and installations.

The C-shaped sections are engineered to be perfectly compatible with one another by box-up, at the same time bringing extra strength, design flexibility and wider spans.

SENGDEK Roof Truss System provides a lightweight alternative to conventional mild steel. Among its other advantages, steel trusses offer savings in both material costs and time while delivering a reliable quality products. Steel trusses are increasingly popular with builders because of their consistent quality, dimensional stability and resistance to termite attack.

Feature & Benefits :

  • Service Promise-Quality, competitive pricing, on time delivery
  • Quality products and proven manufacturing and supply record
  • High degree of accuracy and consistency in dimensions
  • Multiple thickness options for economy design
  • High tensile steel – durable and low weight
  • Lightweight and easily handled on-site